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Lost in my thought

Lost in my thought . Drifted in so many paces at the same time , like am getting consumed from the inside. Filled with regrets and grudges against my own self, against my own will. ruled by the vocals of my inner, screaming for mercy ,chuckling in fear asking to be unchained.

 People fear the evil the unknown or sometimes the villain in thus stories. How about an individual who fears from himself ,whom afraid that time has lost his entity ,an entity afraid of what she can't understand an entity who have been asked of why she adores isolation and always kept silence ,knowing that what inside is viciousness and cruelty even fulfilling desires Can't minimise it awe .

Have you ever lost the appetite to work to live to move forward,lost the urge to evolve: like being trapped in a limitless time zone that the light of the end of the tunnel would seem mythological in it . Like always trying to know why am I shading tears . am no messenger nor a raven and all am looking for is a dark moor that could contain my endless darkness where i would be at ease knowing that no one shall be tainted by my terrors my own dirt .

 I heard love once a pure arousing emotion that brings color to a bleak life. But As i stumble into the truth that its not love on which the strongest foundations are built but its the decency of merciful lies i swore i would never hope again cause the disappointment made me more hollow more bleak more empty .
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