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This is your reminder that everything will get better. This is your reminder that every last detail of what is causing struggle in your life is only temporary. Every inch of doubt, worry, uncertainty, grief, and tribulation that you are being faced with will soon pass. Everything always passes. Trust in that.

This is your reminder to sit with yourself, to become familiar with your space and your emotions so that you can acknowledge them and feel them and then, let them go. The sooner you let lingering emotions pass through you, the sooner you confront them and allow yourself to deal with what is going on inside of you, the sooner you can move on. You are allowed to take time to heal.

This is your reminder that everything will be okay. As each day progresses things will become clearer, because you will be growing, you will be mending. You will be your own hero. You will save yourself.
You will replace pain with gratitude.
You will feel empowered where you once felt hopeless.
You will open doors where you once saw nothing.

Because trust me when I sau — pain doesn’t last. Scarcity doesn’t last. Fear doesn’t last. What lasts in this life is the strength you develop when you push yourself forward, when you choose to heal yourself even when it hurts.

So — this is your reminder to keep moving, to keep creating, and to keep having hope in better days. I promise they are almost here.
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