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Find yourself

The only real way to love is to love in the moment. Love in the second you feel that beautiful kiss. Love in the quiet moments on the sofa and stay in the quiet moment, just for a little while forgetting all the troubles in the world. Love in the silence of bedrooms and the quiet of films you watch together. Love in the silent walks which you go on together, or in the second of the text message you get from them. Stop focussing on where this is going every once in a while. Focus on loving in the present, in the second, in the moment.

This is how true love happens. This is how lasting love happens. It is not the movie theatre type of romance, it is not grand gestures, and dying confessions. Love, real love, is in the quiet of a thunderstorm feeling safe. It is in the silence of a hospital room when you realise the person you love is going to be okay. It is in the feeling after returning home to the smell of warm food on the stove and warmer arms around you. That is where love lies. In the little moments which people often look past.

Find yourself here, find yourself loving in the moment, than loving for eternity, and I promise you, love will not fail you.

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Trust The Process

You’re allowed to feel off and take as many breaks as you need to. Your biggest responsibility is taking care of yourself.⠀You’re allowed to not have your life figured out. You’re allowed to be ‘behind’ because where you are is fine. Where you are is where you need to be right now.⠀ Work doesn’t define you. Grades don’t define you. Medication doesn’t define you. Anxiety doesn’t define you. The past doesn’t define you. Relationships don’t define you. Words don’t define you. Looks don’t define you. ⠀

How you love defines you. How you use your gifts to help others defines you. Your gifts are part of your purpose. Even if you say you don’t know what your purpose is, you have purpose. Start with your heart. Start with how you love naturally. Start with how you’re able to help others. You know more about yourself than you think you know.

This planet needs love more than anything. Love looks like being kind. Love looks like trusting. Love looks like helping people where you can. Love looks like patience. Love looks like getting up in the morning and doing the best you can. Love looks like you.

Everything is coming together. I know from deep experience that even when nothing makes sense you must keep going. You must stay open. You must experience pain. You must try not to be hard on yourself. You must keep going because your purpose here is so important. ⠀
Trust your process.

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Choose kindness ...

Just be gentle. Be gentle because we all have worlds inside of ourselves that no one else sees. And some of us, some of our worlds are heavy right now. Some of our worlds are filled with darkened hope, some of our worlds are filled with hurt—they lack the magic they once did. So just be gentle, because you never know which world someone holds inside of themselves. You never know someone’s story.

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You Matter

If no one told you this today, I’m telling you this— you matter.
Your feelings matter. They’re not too much or too strong or too annoying. They’re not unrealistic or crazy or naive. They’re you. They’re your depths and your emotions and they matter.

Your heart matters. What you’re passionate about matters. The things that move you matter regardless of how society sees them, how your parents see them, and how your friends see them. Your passion is your calling and your calling matters no matter what it’s calling you to do.
Your dreams matter. They’re not impossible, they’re not juvenile, they’re not unambitious and they’re not for everyone. Your vision matters. 

Your problems matter. The obstacles you face along the way are building your strength. The bumps you inadvertently take are making you a better driver, and all those tears you cried are washing you clean. Your tears matter and even your darkness matters.

Your happiness matters. The details that you find joy in matter. The simple things that make you smile matter. The moments that take your breath away matter. You should seek them, you should find them and you should do more of them. Your smile matters.

Your existence matters. It’s not accidental, you’re here because you have a story to tell and you’re here because you will have an impact. You matter. You always have and you always will. Maybe you forgot that because you’re surrounded by people who make you feel like you don’t, but you are enough and you are important and as long as you indubitably know that; nothing else matters.

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You are good enough

You are good enough for people the way you are. You are imperfectly, perfect.
You are loved and worthy of being loved closely. You are loved closely.

You don’t need a lover to survive. You won’t be lonely forever. Someone out there needs your heart to hold forever. You are good enough to be wanted in every way. You are wanted.

You don’t have to be society’s ‘ideal look’ or have a certain body to be loved. I am not saying this because I have to. I mean it, you are beautiful. You are beautiful because you have a soul no other has. Your soul has purpose no other has.
Take care of yourself where you are right now.
This season of waiting is just that, a season. May you be patient in all things.

You are not your mistakes. You are the lesson you choose to learn through them. Keyword: choose. It is a choice to look for a lesson within every mistake. There is always one or a ton.

Everything is going to be fine. You will find happiness, comfort, and contentment in your life. I know you’re looking, but keep looking.
If they are continuously hurting you, it is time to walk away.
Don’t try to heal your bleeding hands before they’re ready. You will know when it’s time to begin healing. You will know when you have healed.
Don’t give up. The space you hold wouldn’t be the same without you. This is a truth. You are desperately needed.
I don’t think you’re numbing or hiding from your past when emotionally you need a break from it. Trust your heart’s timing. Trust.
You are not alone. You can do it. You are strong and you are capable. Be brave and be bold. You’re going to figure your life out. You don’t have to figure your life out now.
Rest up.

At the end of the day you are a human being and no human being has it all together. You really are doing better than you may feel you are.

I don’t know you, but I am so proud of you.
Above all, hold hope. Hope is evident everywhere.
You found these words when you needed to.

Do you know what your star sign means?

  • Aries: March 21 – April 19th

You’re not always going to get what you want the second you want it. You have to learn to stay patient. If it’s not worth waiting for, maybe it’s not worth it at all.

  • Taurus: April 20th – May 20th

The person you put all of your effort into isn’t always going to return the favor. Sometimes, they won’t even appreciate the countless things you’ve done for them.

  • Gemini: May 21st – June 20th

Bad things happen to good people. And good things happen to bad people. It happens all the time and there’s nothing you can do about it.

  • Cancer: June 21st – July 22nd

You can’t do everything for everyone. You have to accept there are some situations where you are powerless, where you have to step back and let your loved ones figure out their issues without you.

  • Leo: July 23rd – August 22nd

You’re not an angel. You’re not always going to be the heartbroken one. Sometimes, you’re going to do the heart breaking.

  • Virgo: August 23rd – September 22nd

You don’t get to turn back time. You don’t get to erase the things you’ve said. You don’t always get a second chance.

  • Libra: September 23rd – October 22nd

You won’t always get closure. You won’t always be give an explanation about why someone hurt you. Sometimes, you just have to accept it and move on without answers.

  • Scorpio: October 23rd – November 21st

You can’t control other people. You can’t save other people. You can’t talk sense into other people.

  • Sagittarius: November 22nd – December 21st

You can’t consider every single day a me day. You need to set aside time to be productive. You need to get some work done. Otherwise, you’re going to end up regretting it.

  • Capricorn: December 22nd – January 19th

Working nonstop without giving yourself a break to eat or eight hours to sleep is not something to brag about. It’s something that’s going to hurt you in the long run.

  • Aquarius: January 20th – February 18th

Your comfort zone is holding you back. It’s keeping you in one place. It’s preventing you from reaching your full potential.

  • Pisces: February 19th – March 20th

Sometimes, you have to walk away from people you love. Sometimes, you have to say goodbye before you’re ready.


This is your reminder that everything will get better. This is your reminder that every last detail of what is causing struggle in your life is only temporary. Every inch of doubt, worry, uncertainty, grief, and tribulation that you are being faced with will soon pass. Everything always passes. Trust in that.

This is your reminder to sit with yourself, to become familiar with your space and your emotions so that you can acknowledge them and feel them and then, let them go. The sooner you let lingering emotions pass through you, the sooner you confront them and allow yourself to deal with what is going on inside of you, the sooner you can move on. You are allowed to take time to heal.

This is your reminder that everything will be okay. As each day progresses things will become clearer, because you will be growing, you will be mending. You will be your own hero. You will save yourself.
You will replace pain with gratitude.
You will feel empowered where you once felt hopeless.
You will open doors where you once saw nothing.

Because trust me when I sau — pain doesn’t last. Scarcity doesn’t last. Fear doesn’t last. What lasts in this life is the strength you develop when you push yourself forward, when you choose to heal yourself even when it hurts.

So — this is your reminder to keep moving, to keep creating, and to keep having hope in better days. I promise they are almost here.

🔥 H O P E 🔥

I hope this is the year where everything changes.

I hope this is the year where you find yourself.

I hope this is the year where you stop being lost and finally take the right turn that leads you to your true path.

I hope this is the year where you take a leap of faith and it changes your life.

I hope this is the year where you get rewarded for all you’ve endured during the past few years.

I hope this is the year where you heal from everything that caused you pain.

I hope this is the year where all the things you’ve been waiting for happen.

I hope this is the year where you dust yourself off and start seeing things clearly again.

I hope this is the year where you get reintroduced to yourself, your potential and your worth.

I hope this is the year where you find the road to your wishes easier to navigate.

I hope this is the year where all your broken pieces come together so you could feel whole again.

I hope this is the year where you find the answers you’ve been looking for.

I hope this is the year where you get the closure you’ve been seeking.

I hope this is the year where you find hope again and renew your faith in life and in yourself.

I hope this is the year where you fall in love with yourself again and release everyone who couldn’t love you.

I hope this is the year where you stand tall and shine again.

I hope this is the year where you find things easily coming together instead of falling apart.

I hope this year is the year to remember.

I hope this is your year.

Wrinkled Defeat...

I felt her tender fingertips pressing my numb body and I knew she was willing to clean my dirt... again. I hate mornings! They only mean one damn thing to me: my prayers of last night couldn’t reach the stars, and my days refuse to end .

It’s ironic how life could change! I’ve spent ages running after opportunities to chase eternity, until I fell inside an empty hole where all I can do is lying down in an uncomfortable bed trying hopelessly to rest my awful fragile body.

To turn from a successful independent man who had reached extraordinary achievements, a man who used to be the strength for his daughter, the perfect example for his sons and the other half of his wife…Into an absolutely nothing is a tragic joke!

I hate how useless I became! I hate when I struggle to remember the name of my only grandchild. I hate when I can give my own sons nothing but bills for my medicines. I hate how every rose I gave my wife throughout my colorful days became now rotten that she has to clean up every morning.

My pride has distorted once I stared at my reflecting image knowing that I am nothing but a wrinkled pathetic man who’s forever stuck in the need of others.

Every night, I spit on my embarrassing hands for shaking all the time, my legs for being too weak to carry my spine. I even insult myself to let that’s called Mother Nature above get rid of me… Get rid of such a great man, or so I thought!

Lost in my thought

Lost in my thought . Drifted in so many paces at the same time , like am getting consumed from the inside. Filled with regrets and grudges against my own self, against my own will. ruled by the vocals of my inner, screaming for mercy ,chuckling in fear asking to be unchained.

 People fear the evil the unknown or sometimes the villain in thus stories. How about an individual who fears from himself ,whom afraid that time has lost his entity ,an entity afraid of what she can't understand an entity who have been asked of why she adores isolation and always kept silence ,knowing that what inside is viciousness and cruelty even fulfilling desires Can't minimise it awe .

Have you ever lost the appetite to work to live to move forward,lost the urge to evolve: like being trapped in a limitless time zone that the light of the end of the tunnel would seem mythological in it . Like always trying to know why am I shading tears . am no messenger nor a raven and all am looking for is a dark moor that could contain my endless darkness where i would be at ease knowing that no one shall be tainted by my terrors my own dirt .

 I heard love once a pure arousing emotion that brings color to a bleak life. But As i stumble into the truth that its not love on which the strongest foundations are built but its the decency of merciful lies i swore i would never hope again cause the disappointment made me more hollow more bleak more empty .


Need immediate change? Here’s how to hit reset on your life

You’re convinced that something must change, whether in your work or personal life. But you are struggling to figure it out.
Sometimes an area of your life — or perhaps more than one — has gone completely off track and you feel like you can’t move forward.
The power of resetting is that at any given moment in life, you truly can reset yourself, career, or relationship.
You give yourself an entirely fresh start, a clean slate to begin your efforts anew; it completely clears your mind of all the unfinished to-dos, burdensome distractions, and nagging questions in life.
If predictable patterns in your life are not given you the results you seek, change course. Don’t do what you’ve always done.
Ask yourself these questions:
What went right? Wrong? What can I do better?
You don’t even have to spent an hour auditing yourself.
You can quickly assess how you performed each week or month, with questions like:
How is this helping me achieve my goals?
What am I gaining by having this on my to-do list? Could I achieve the same gains another way?
What would I lose by taking this off my list? Do those things play a large role in me achieving my long-term goal?
Did I consume more than I create?
How about my time management? How did my screen time affect my productivity?
Treat yourself like someone you are responsible for helping.
I want Everyone to answer That Question : 
If you had to hit the reset button on your life today, what would you change and what would you keep from your current life?

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