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Keep in mind that knowing – isn’t enough. You need to build those characteristics, as a pattern of your automated, daily responses. If you won’t begin now – it would all be lost, forever.

Be thankful for any experience that is brought upon to your reality and always search for an everlasting improvement, understanding and development: sharing the useful knowledge and being helpful, by allowing such understanding of others – that might not be so bright, the ones that are worthy of it. Be a guard of morality at all cost and understand, that knowledge and understanding imposes on you a need for responsibility and the highest morals which are required for the good of all. Therefore, it is only viable to make others match your level of understanding and ever-existing pattern of morals, and to impose them either through a positive/ negative actions and consequences, that are superimposed on you – in a time of attaining them. 

Those on the bottom: are the primary concern for all, as those are the people that should be brought to a higher level of spirituality, due to their lack of incentive/ understanding and being fortunate as you, to have the right kind of tools and circumstances to bring the change (those are people, that require help but in an open and helpful manner, first in the queue).

Avoid at all cost, to impose on others your will by force, but instead show an example by your actions and inspire, also by sharing – they might not be ready, in that time for change: although tell/ punish and avoid to allow anyone – immoral behavior, even for the stake of taking damage by yourself and show always notolerance upon such actions towards you or others. Provide and explain the rules that need to be followed by any person that populates this realm of reality – density, for the stake of attaining the best, that can be received and to His best for one’s self and all others in the sphere of
their influences...
It’s a moral duty, for any of the intellects who exist in this Universe.

Keep in mind, that you are the only one responsible for your actions and nobody can think or impose them on you. It includes refraining and to deny any order or quote, with or without explanation of the cause – when it might be sensed, as not true with your inner conscience or in the place of moral justification. 

You’re the only one, that would be held accountable for your actions and you would suffer the consequences: without the need of any law or persecution – caused by the work of those mechanisms implemented in this Creation, #1. It’s also applicable to teaching others and showing them the consequences, of taking them – those actions which are required by their superiors or people attached. Make sure: you would always take an action if only influenced, even if such occurrence is probable – without the need of any evidence. Be wary of the people you attach yourself with and choose only those who are contributing to your life in a positive manner (evil is such consideration, always). 

However, be conscious to always be as yourself – living to your highest means and the usage of your highest potential possible. It is your personal duty: to repay the debt you were born into this World as due to your work and thought attached – increase the life of others and help them become the most moral and most perfect people possible. It would cause the most, of what could be achieved and would bring to your life only the best.

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