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Reading is A Paradise

We all feel locked in the awful reality, caged in our obsessions. Convinced that the world is one big massacre.

Each one of us is trying his best to create a better mini world for himself. Ignoring what life throws in your path, veering from the glass scattered in the floor of our days. that’s really us.

But let us talk about what really makes life much better for most of us, this particular thing is appreciated by a lot of individuals. it can manifest itself as your friend, it can also help you get through a lot.

A book is what considered as the most faithful friend to a human being. Books are like parents who need to adopt a child and we are the orphans. When a book takes you in its lap and strikes your nose and fresh your mind with its tales. It overflows us with love and kindness. There is no such pure as the love we offer to our books, they can help us face the cruelty of life and I’m not talking about novels only but each book which contains any good logical information; events going to help us develop our selves.

Reading can take us to a different zone; to an enchanting castle brighten with delightful colors.Reading moves us from loneliness period to a cheering one.

From a personal aspect, I really appreciate reading and love it so much. It’s something that can make me feel happy and it can erase all my dreadful event of the day.

So I hope everyone adopts reading to make themselves see the real side of the world.

A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies . . . The man who never reads lives only one.” – George R.R. Martin
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