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It is after midnight over here, most people are drowning in a deep sleep, while I'm right here, as a loner, finding no one to open my heart to, I'm standing here as a tree with deep roots into the ground, not easy to fall, I have been through battles in my life, alot of storms and still standing , many lovers, friends, family were lost, wishes got broken, hopes got scratched.

 I lost the road and i got back to It, I had to deal with things that are not my age, I grew up years and years, it changed my thoughts, it changed my life, I learnt how to give the power after I lost It, I learnt how to Inspire after I lost my inspirations, I learnt how to follow my gut after losing my heart, I broke the walls after falling from them, I walked long destinations after losing my feets, and I reached the purpose after confusing the road, I reached the glory after I tasted that piece of shit. 

Everything came with a price, with sacrifices, with losses and losses, remaining stable and keeping your breaths to continue and to move forward is not an easy option, but quiting in the middle of the journey is not a brave decision as well.. everything happens for a purpose, everything happens is preparing you for what is harsher, it prepares a different you for a different challenge, nothing comes on a golden plate and if you want to get what you want you need to build the Stamina and become capable of handling what is worse. Keep standing, "The journey is not finished yet"!

"Out Of Quote ~ Me" 
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