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“I Need A Friend” Moment

“I Need A Friend” Moment :
What To Do About It

When you find yourself thinking “I need a friend” or “I need a friend to talk to,” it’s an important moment for your social life.

Even if it may seem that it’s just a typical lonely thought that comes and goes, it’s more than that…

The “I need a friend” moment is a signal that it’s been a while since you’ve felt understood and appreciated. It can also be a signal that you spent too many Friday nights alone, watching tv.

It happens usually if you’ve been too busy to build or keep a social life going. It happens.

But mostly, this is about how you feel – you feel that you need a friend. Be careful because this feeling will fade away and you could forget about, do nothing, and in a few months find yourself exactly where you are – still with no decent social life.

This is why it’s important to take the opportunity and do something about your socialblife ASAP. Or at least commit to it.

Channel the energy into something positive: commit to building a social life.

But when you think “I Need A friend,” there is a challenge

The challenge is that you can’t bring good friends into your overnight. Sure, you can quickly go out, meet new people, stay in touch, and start socializing with them.

But having close friends who “get” you can take a while. Friends that can really make feel “not alone” will require a few trials.

Casual friends are great because they get your social life started. And that’s how you discover the ones you’ll want to keep as friends for a long while.

But there’s always that period from when you need good friends, and when you actually find them. That can be a little intimidating.

This is why I recommend to build socializing habits, not just instant techniques. Social habits keep you going even if you have a busy schedule; and keep you going even when you encounter challenges in your social life.

"Some people die at 25 and aren’t buried until 75"
~ Benjamin Franklin

We literally feel the pain of loneliness and not feeling understood. We distract ourselves usually and look the other way. But it always comes up again to bite.

When you think to yourself “I Need A Friend,” it’s really no time to be depressed and give up on having a social life. You’re not meant to be alone after all. Instead, just commit to doing whatever it takes to build a social life.
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