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Be Less Anxious

Be Less Anxious & More Present

Here we are about to learn how to stop feeling anxious so you can become more productive and successful.Being more present is a good two-for-one deal in that it both helps decrease anxiety and increase pleasure.

Check in with yourself often

Several times during the day no matter what’s going on, get in the habit of asking yourself, “How am I feeling?” Hopefully the answer will be that you’re doing just fine.
The truth is that much of the time we are doing okay emotionally. Life in most moments may not be thrilling or grand, but it’s usually not the pits either.
Even when we’re doing tasks we dislike or are not feeling particularly well, we can always find ways to feel better. We do this by simply paying attention to what is going well for us.
The presentation or date may turn out terribly, but now can still be pretty okay if you let it be. The morning’s argument with your partner or last week’s fender bender may have repercussions down the road, but right this moment, your life is likely running smoothly.

Recognize the purpose of anxiety

Anxiety is rooted in a perception of a physical or emotional threat to self. The key word here is perception. If you’re going to a party you’ve been dying to attend for ages, you’ll feel differently about it than if your partner is dragging you to this same party which you’ve been dreading going to for months.
Anxiety is an evolutionary inner experience which helps us survive. It has no other function. When it works optimally, it keeps us alive and thriving. When it doesn’t, it shoves us mentally into the future and out of the physical present.
Although you may have physical sensations along with anxiety, that is not the same as having fear. Anxiety comes from thoughts about the future which cause us discomfort, not from actual impending harm.
Knowing the difference between fear and anxiety helps keep you present. The good news is that if you’re in a genuinely scary situation, you can trust that fear will automatically take over to try to keep you safe.

Worrying is not problem-solving

Worrying is a misguided attempt to become less anxious which takes place in a closed mental loop and generally produces more of itself. It’s an internal process, an intra-psychic phenomenon.
Like a dog chasing its tail, thoughts race around in circles without getting anywhere. We imagine various scenarios and outcomes, but our agita remains, so we redouble our efforts to produce more or better solutions. The process is like trying to know what the weather is like when you’re indoors. You can’t. You need to step outside to find out.
Problem-solving occurs outside your mind in the real world where the problems are. For the best solutions, you’ll want to intentionally develop strategies to solve problems, develop coping skills, and prepare yourself with numerous Plan Bs.
However, you can’t know if strategies will succeed (and eliminate anxiety) until you’ve tested them where problems are happening, that is, out in the world. Taking your show on the road is the only way to ascertain if your ideas are winners.

Focus on your senses to stay present

The antidote being less anxious and connecting to now is to focus on your senses: touch, taste, sight, smell, hearing. By grounding ourselves sensorially, we shift our focus from trying to control the future to simply being in the now.
Maybe it’s not always about trying to fix something broken. Maybe it’s about starting over and creating something better.
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