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Ace Hood - Interlude (Part 1) [Trust The Process]


I think the main thing for me was trying to decide on, who am I?

Like, what I wanna' be?
And how I wanna' be remembered?
Like that was my thing, like
You know, often times I think about like my legacy, and like the mark that I wanna leave
Not only on the industry, but the effect that I wanna' leave on people
Being a whole human being
Going through my obstacles, going through the things that I'm going through
And, not to only broadcast these things, but for it to inspire change
Think that was like my main thing, and the reason why I made the decision that I made
Parting ways from the whole We The Best thing
I had a different vision, I seen something larger for myself
You know, we weren't necessarily seeing eye-to-eye on some things
So I decided to do my own thing
It's not what you go through, it's how you go through it
And I think that I chose to deal with this with grace
As many times as I wanted to blow up about the situation and get mad and fire off on somebody I just thought to myself like
"What if I handle this shit with love man" like, you know
What ever you put out to the universe comes back, you know
If you put out positive energy, you get positive back
If you put out negative energy, you get the negative back
Today I feel like this was the best decision I've ever made in my life
As a man, taught me a lot
As a father you know, as a boss, as a CEO the world was asking so many things with me like
"You have to be this, you gotta be this now"
And I didn't know how to be
And I'm still not perfect, I'm still trying to figure it out, still trying to find my thing but I'm open to it and I'm ready for it
As real as my music, I really try to get out all of me, I wanna give the fans the realness of me and what I've been dealing with
Good thing happen - thank god
Bad thing happen - thank god
'cause that's lessons, that's lessons in everything in life, in every single thing
And I think that it's just all on us to whether we choose to learn from that or we allow that to be our downfall
And I could never let any other outside voices get to me
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