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There are four hormones responsible for determining the level of joy in humans:

3. Sérotonine
4. Oxytocine

First: Endorphine

When we exercise, the body produces this hormone to overcome the sense of pain caused by exercise and this is the reason for the sensation of pleasure in exercise, and laughter 😂 a good way to secrete endorphins.
We need at least 30 minutes a day to see funny and entertaining things or exercise to get our daily dose of endorphins.

Second: Dopamine

In the journey of life each of us performs many tasks, whether big or small. This feeling of achievement causes the dopamine to be produced in varying proportions. Also, when we receive appreciation for any work we have done, and any work that makes us feel proud, the body produce this hormone 😃.

This explains why housewives in most neighborhoods are unhappy and rarely get the proper appreciation and gratitude for the amount of effort they make every day.

Third: Sérotonine

It comes when we benefit others, that is, when we transcend ourselves and be able to give to nature or society, even if sharing useful information with others or write a post on the Internet or answer a person to a question, all of the above makes the body secrete serotonin and thIs cause sensation.

IV: Oxytocine

It is secreted when getting close to people, when shaking hands, when hugging .. And for this reason we should hug to increase this hormone and feel happy again 😄.

Simply put:

🎴 To exercise or laugh every day for Endorphine.

🎴 To make small achievements every day for Dopamine.

🎴 To be beneficial to others for Sérotonine.

🎴 Encourage children or friends and parents to Oxytocine

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