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What if insects disappeared from the planet?

What if insects disappeared from the planet?

Are you one of those people who hate these little crawling things? Or maybe these ones with stingers creep you out more?
Have you ever wished that all the insects would just die out?
Picnics would be much more pleasant. And so would gardening.
Could the world become a better place if the insects disappear?
If you think bugs only exist to give you the creeps and to chew on the lettuce in your garden, you’re wrong.Well, not totally wrong. 

Some of them are, in fact, meant to destroy crops, give you skin irritation in addition to painful stings, and even worse – spread diseases like Zika and malaria. But 90% of them are not only harmless, but beneficial to us, and to the planet. They say, without insects, the world would fall apart.

I said that A world without insects would spell disaster for animals all the way up the food chain

And to be honest, not all the insects are gross-looking, wouldn’t you agree?

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