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Day Three :The Power of a Positive Perspective

  1.  Day Three : The Power of a Positive Perspective 

  • The Art of Reframing 
Before we begin today let's start with a story : 
old story about a farmer in China.One year the weather was very good and his crops grew strong and high, and all his neighbours told him how lucky he was to have such a fine crop and he replied, ‘Maybe.' Then the day before he was going to start the harvest a herd of wild horses came running off the plains and trampled all his crops flat. His neighbours came round and said how unlucky he was to lose his fine crop. The farmer replied, 'Maybe.' The next day the farmer's son went out with a length of rope and caught a wild stallion and three mares, and the neighbours came round to admire the horses and told the farmer how lucky he was. The farmer said, 'Maybe.' In the morning the farmer's son started to break in the horses and no sooner had he mounted the stal­lion than it threw him, and as he fell on the ground he broke his leg. The neighbours carried him indoors and commiserated with the farmer, saying how unlucky he was that his only son was so badly injured. The farmer said, 'Maybe.' The next day the Emperor's army came to the village on the way to fight a great battle and all the able-bodied young men were press- ganged into the army. But the farmer's son was not taken because of his broken leg. All his neighbours told the farmer how lucky he was that his son had been saved from the army and the farmer said, 'Maybe.'

  • The Power of a Positive Perspective 

A couple of years ago I met a moroccan actor Dizzy Dros at a party. I said to him that I admire his work and that I think he is a positive inspiration to lots of people. He stopped, looked at me, thought about what I had said, and replied, 'Thank you - thank you very much. But I have to say he continued, 'it's been easy for me - I'm black."3AZZY"
When I asked him about this rather extraordinary point of view, he told me that ever since he was a boy, he has made extensive use of the power of perspective. In any situation, he looks for a truthful but highly selective way of thinking that makes him feel posi­tive and gets him excited about making things happen.
Perhaps one of the most important concepts in this Article is this:
Your experience of life is primarily affected by the perspective you view it from. Depending upon the meaning we give to situations or events, we will feel and behave differently.

  • There's No Such Thing as 'Failure'
One of the most important lessons I've learned from hanging with successful people over the past years is that 'failure' is an attitude, not an outcome. That is, it's nothing to do with the results you produce and every­ thing to do with how you frame things.

For example, after Thomas Edison's seven hundredth unsuccessful attempt to invent the electric light, he was asked by a New York Times reporter, 'How does it feel to have failed seven hundred times?'
The great inventor responded with a classic example of a positive perspective:
'I have not failed seven hundred times. I have not failed once. I have succeeded in proving that those seven hundred ways will not work. When I have eliminated all the ways that will not work, I will find the way that will work.' 
Here's an exercise in putting the power of perspective to work in your own life:

  • 1. Think about a project or goal that you made happen in the past. What frame, meaning or perspective did you or someone else use to get and keep you motivated and involved?Examples:'My boss kept our team working hard on a project by making it about contribution to the community.''I got my son to do his homework by tying in his success at school to how much freedom I gave him around the house.'
  • 2. Think of a project or goal that you are currently working on or considering working on in the future.
  • 3. What are some frames you could put around the project that would reduce your interest in getting involved and making it happen?Examples:'This is an experiment in failure.''Even if it works, nothing good will come of it.' 'This is just the latest management fad.'
  • 4. What frames could you put around the project that would increase your interest in getting involved and making it happen?

Some examples of common, but unhelpful, questions are:
• Why does this always happen to me? • Why don't I like myself?
• Why can't I ever lose weight?

Now, ask yourself a new question:
How can I ask this in a way that points towards the positive?
So let's learn how questions can empower us. Start by asking questions that presuppose the positive, such as:
  • What is the most elegant way I can solve this problem?
  • How many different ways of solving this problem can I come up with?
  • How can I most easily stop doing___ ?
Possibility Questions
One of the differences between geniuses like Einstein and many of the other scientists of his day was that he asked smarter questions. The types of question Einstein partic­ularly excelled at are what I call 'possibility questions'. These are questions that focus the mind on what is possi­ble but may not have ever been considered before.
Think of a situation where you've been feeling a bit stuck and ask yourself the following possibility questions: 

What would happen if this just wasn't a problem any more?
• What would it take for everything to be all right?
• If I knew there was a simple solution, what would it be?
• What haven't I thought of yet?
• If I made an astounding breakthrough in this area, what would it be like?

Remember the golden rule:
You always get more of what you focus on in life.
So it's vitally important to acknowledge and concentrate on your successes, great and small - on what's really healthy and rewarding around you.When you harness the power of a positive perspec­tive in your own life, you get to make every day a great one!
Until tomorrow, 

In just 24 hours, we will move forward into the heart of our seven-day adventure - the secret of making your dreams come true ... "DAY4"Click here
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