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Day Six : Creating Money - PART II

Day Six : Creating Money - PART II
Secrets of Abundance

This is the complete of Our main Article How To change your Life in 7 Days Day Six Part II
(Part I Here ) ...

The Ten Secrets of Abundance
Here are the ten best ideas I can give you on how to start increasing your 'wealth scores' today. Any one of these will make an immediate difference to your wealth conscious­ ness. As you start using more and more of them in your day-to-day life, you'll find yourself on the fast track towards a wealthier life, with the millionaire's mind ...
1. Decide right now that you are responsible for your financial abundance
Far too many people are scared to accept the responsibil­ity of huge financial wealth. While it's true that when you get more money, your financial pressures don't get smaller, they get bigger - what most people don't realize is that that’s the fun of it!
As you accept the responsibility that comes with playing the bigger money game, you become a more capable person. The more substantial the challenges, the more substantial the rewards, not only financially, but spiritually and emotionally as well. And as you take responsibility for your own financial success, getting wealthier will seem less and less overwhelming and more like the pleasure it was always meant to be.

2. Save first, then spend only what you can truly afford
In the same way as the real 'secret' of losing weight is eating less and moving more, the real 'secret' of gaining wealth is spending less and earning more. Create a plan today that will enable you to clear any outstanding debts and build your financial reser­voir ...
‘The difference between poor people and rich people is easy. The poor spend their money and
then save whats’ left over; the rich save their money and then spend whats’ left over. ’ 

3. Study wealthy people
One of the quickest ways to become wealthy is to spend time with those people who have already achieved wealth. Remember, wealth is more than financial abun­dance - many people have become millionaires only to discover that along the way they lost something far more important - their own respect and sense of self. Take some time to research and discover your own 'heroes of wealth' -
those people who've found a way to create massive financial abundance with­ out sacrificing their lives or their souls along the way. Find out what they are doing that you aren't. Seek to understand
how they think and behave towards money and wealth. If possible, contact them and ask for advice. Not only does asking make other people aware of who you are, it also lets them know that you are taking your pursuit of wealth seriously. While not everyone will offer to help, it's been my experience that as long as you are polite and respectful, many wealthy people are grate­ful for the opportunity to be of service. 

‘If you want to learn about money, learn from somebody who has a lot o f it. ’ 

4. Build your financial reservoir
The more money you have in the bank, the less frightening it is to experiment with new and different ways of making money. This is why the most powerful investment you can make is to build your financial reservoir - a savings account with between three months' and two years' salary in it.
In Dr Richard Carlson's book Don't Worry, Make Money, he tells the story of two men who were both offered the same job with a new company in the 1970s. The offer was for very low pay, but a large piece of stock. The man who was living from pay cheque to pay cheque thought it was too risky and passed; the one who had a financial reservoir took the offer. The company was Microsoft and, needless to say, within a few years the man who took the risk had amassed a huge fortune.
The moral of the story is that in most cases, creating abun­ dance usually involves some risk, and nothing makes risk more tolerable than having money in the bank. As author Stuart Wilde says, 'The trick to money is having some.'

5. The 80/20 rule
Once you figure out what is most important to you, you can prioritize your life accordingly. Nineteenth-century economist Wilfrido Pareto was the first to point out that approximately 80 per cent of the world's wealth was concentrated in the hands of only 20 per cent of the world's population. The 80/20 rule holds true in most areas of life - 80 per cent of your results will tend to come from 20 per cent of your efforts; 80 per cent of your wealth will come from 20 per cent of your clients or customers. By identi­fying and concentrating on that all-important 20 per cent, we can continually refocus our priorities with a laser-like intensity.

6. Get in touch with your passion every day
I remember that years ago, when I first got interested in hypnosis, one of the old stage performers I was learning from was also a salesman. This wasn't just his job - it was his passion. I never saw him go more than a few hours without selling something to someone. We'd be at a restaurant and he'd strike up a conversation with a person on another table. Before long, he'd find out all about their needs and offer to sell them exactly what they wanted. Most of the time, he didn't even have what he'd just sold - he'd have to go out and buy it himself in order to turn round and deliver it to the person who'd just bought it from him. He simply loved the thrill of persuading people.
When I asked him what he thought his secret was, he said:
'Excitement and passion are contagious. When you get truly passionate about what you want to do, others will find themselves drawn to you.' 

7. Charge what you are truly worth
Some people are frightened to charge what they are really worth, because they fear they will lose their clients. But in my own experience, every time I have raised my fees I've found myself attracting more and better clients and losing only those people I wasn't particularly enjoy­ ing working with anyway.
Here's a simple formula for working out what your time is worth, no matter how much or little you may earn:
  • Write down the amount of money you expect to earn this year.
  • Erase or cross out the last three numbers.
  • Divide by two. This is what an hour of your
    time is worth, based on an average working week.

Example: Annual earnings = £30,000. Less last three numbers = £30. Divided by two = £15. Your hourly 'wage' is £15.
Just for today, imagine your hourly wage has doubled. If you were being paid twice as much per hour for what you do, what would you do differently?
If you want to charge what you're truly worth, start doing it differently today! 

8. Regularly practise the Change Your Life in Seven Days techniques
For most people, opportunities to become wealthier pres­ent themselves every day without ever being noticed. By practising the techniques you are conditioning yourself to focus on wealth. Very few multi­-millionaires get to be rich by accident. Financial success is simply a matter of maintaining
your focus on wealth and consistently practising the actions that lead to abundance.
Take some time each day to walk around as if you already have everything you want. Create a sensory-rich experience of what you want so your unconscious mind gets a clear idea. Ask yourself empowering questions. Create a wealth scrapbook and imagine what it would be like living the life of your dreams. See what you'll see, hear and feel. Do it as often as you can every day.
You may not get instant results, but you will attract to you in one way or another whatever you think about most. Use your favourite techniques daily to condition yourself for success!
‘Life is so simple, really. Think through what people want, invite them to get it from you, and when they show up, bill ’em!’ 

9. Celebrate your life, starting today!
One of the single most important things you can do to cement your wealth consciousness is to make a practice of reflecting on all the good things in your life as you drift off to sleep each night. As you say thank you to life, God, the universe, or whatever you feel most comfort­ able with and connected to, you are cultivating what Americans call 'an attitude of gratitude'.
An attitude of gratitude is the exact opposite of a poverty consciousness. When you start to regularly think of all the good things you have and of how fortunate you are to have them, you are sending a strong message of abundance to your unconscious which will create a steady flow of financial abundance.
‘Todays gratitude buys tomorrow’s happiness. ’

10. Keep going
There is a story that in ancient Tibet, all the monks were gathered together once every hundred years and given an opportunity for guaranteed enlightenment - all they had to do was walk through the 'Room of a Thousand Demons' and come out alive. The Room of a Thousand Demons was a pitch-black room filled with a thousand demons who would appear to you in the guise of your biggest and worst fears: spiders, snakes, sheer precipices - whatever they sensed would fill your heart with terror. The only rules were that once you entered no one could come in and rescue you, and it was impossible to leave by the door you went in. For those few brave souls who dared to face their fears in pursuit of happiness, success and enlightenment, there was one crucial piece of advice:
No matter what you think you see, hear, think or feel, keep your feet moving. If you keep your feet moving, you will eventually get to where it is you want to go! 

One of My favourite quote on the power of persistence comes from American president Calvin Coolidge:
'Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not; nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unre­warded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent.'

In Conclusion
Finally, I want you to remember that :
Real wealth is not measured by money alone. Start today. Create a plan for financial abundance and start moving forward. Make the changes you need to make, both at the level of your consciousness and in action. After you have begun to enjoy more of the success that you desire, you will look back and be thankful that you did!
Until tomorrow, 

Tomorrow is the last day of your seven-day programme, and we'll be dealing with an appropriate topic as this programme draws to a close - the secrets of living happily ever after "DAY 7"...
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