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Conclusion : Changing Your Life,One Week at a Time

Changing Your Life,One Week at a Time

1. Begin by taking three deep breaths. Each time you breathe in, feel any areas of tension and stress in your body. Each time you breathe out, feel yourself letting go and relaxing into a lovely, peaceful state.
2. Imagine the qualities of your authentic self. See yourself going through your day as your authentic self. Do this several times until it becomes easy to imagine.
3. Now, review your top five values. Take a moment to really feel each one, and once again guide your mind through the day ahead. Each time you do this, you are programming yourself to have a wonderful day!
4. Use the inner smile to activate your endorphin response. Smile into every area of yourself and keep feeling better and better and better.
5. Review your big dream. Ask your mind to guide you in thought, word and action to do and say exactly the right things to make your dreams come true for the highest good of all concerned.6. What are you most grateful for in your life? Spend at least one minute focused on all the good things you already have and everything that's right with your world.
7. Finish by taking three more deep breaths. This time, allow each breath in to fill you with energy, and each breath out to energize you even more. 

With practice, you will find you can complete this routine in as little as five minutes. However, I recom­mend that whenever possible, you take at least fifteen minutes to really set yourself up for the day. As Mahatma Gandhi once said in the midst of his campaign to create a free and self-governing India:
'I have so much to do today I will need to medi­tate twice as long!' 

How Good Can it Get?
Finally, as we reach the end, I'd like to talk about the future. You may remember I started this Articles by talking about how we live in a truly exciting time in our planet's history. These days there is more information to absorb, more to learn and more opportunities than ever before.
As the pace of change gets quicker and quicker, the creative technology we have now is able to constantly upgrade and improve itself. A hundred and fifty years ago the telegraph first made it possible to send messages quickly over great distances. Within thirty years, the telephone had arrived, quickly followed by voice recording, radio, television, fax, and now e-mail. 
We can now communicate across the planet in an instant. Something happens on one side of the world and we can watch it on our televisions, read about it on the web and communicate about it on the internet, all shar­ing the experience simultaneously. The eyes and ears of our telecommunications network are becoming the eyes and ears of humanity.
More than ever, the mind is now the dominant creative force on this planet. Our thoughts are more powerful than they have ever been, and with the expo­nential enhancements in technology we are likely to see some amazing changes in the near future.

Some scientists believe that within the next few years we will have a cure for cancer, drugs to permanently increase intelligence, cryogenic preservation and genetic control of ageing. Virtual reality, genetic reprogramming and developments in nanotechnology will offer benefits we cannot even imagine, as today's science fiction becomes the template for tomorrow's science fact. We stand, many of us unknowingly, on the edge of an amaz­ing leap in humanity's evolution.
To make this leap, we need a radical shift in our values. Rather than continually looking for fulfilment in the outside world, which has made us overly competitive and selfish, we need to begin to find more contentment within. I believe that a new age of 'psycho-technology' is upon us, and the kind of techniques we've been using in this book will become what more and more people turn to in order to help bring about positive changes at every level of society.

These days, a country's wealth is no longer gauged by its physical resources. Instead, it is ideas and their implementation that create wealth. The real source of wealth is in our minds, and those of us with the richest ideas will create the greatest wealth in the world. Just think for a moment - you possess one of the most valu­able and powerful pieces of equipment in the world right between your ears!

You have learned some powerful ways to run your own brain. The positive software that you have put into your mind will begin to manifest more and more benefi­cial results each day. The fact that you've chosen to invest in your own evolution sets you apart from the masses. It's a decision that will enrich the quality of your life many times over, because life is only as amazing as the way you choose to live it.
As you practise the techniques in this book, taking responsibility for programming your own mind, you are putting yourself at the forefront of our culture. You are becoming a leader, and the choices you make about where and how you lead will become increasingly signif­icant. 

As you continue on your journey to the life of your dreams, I would like to leave you with this Buddhist blessing: May you be safe and protected
May you be happy and peaceful
May you be healthy and strong
May you carry your life with ease and grace

Until next we meet,
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