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4 Mobile User Acquisition Myths That Startups Believe

4 Mobile User Acquisition Myths That Startups Believe

First Myth: I need to promote my app in all paid channels available for success.

Wow! This is an exaggerated idea, not to mention, really expensive. Compare the situation of promoting through all possible channels (assuming you have a huge budget) but just one is effective and, the other case, when you will adopt only the one relevant solution for your audience. Are you sure that Twitter ads will reach your audience increase your user base? Or are you sure that your audience is in YouTube?

The secret to not throw your money on window is to analyze your target users. If you have some concerns regarding what to choose for the satisfaction of your customers a simple solution is to conduct A/B tests which will make you take the best decision(s). Data is the key in every domain and the more informed you are, the more effective your efforts will be. The condition is to use those resources in a smart way and to connect with your users because they have all the answers.

Second Myth: The most important success metric is app downloads.
Not true! This myth is related in some manner to the previous one. You need to follow all the data that comes to you through detailed reports provided by Tracking Tools because this way you will remain above all the others that are miss leaded by these concepts. Of course, the app installs are very important for your app but, this metric is not the only one that counts for its success. We already covered in depth the importance of Lifetime Value of an app user, which can be measured not only by revenue. The confusion starts from the idea that some apps don’t have in – app purchases. You need to be aware of the fact there are other characteristics that can define the value for an app: pages viewed, the number of shares, tasks completed, etc. Moreover, the retention rate is equally important as the number of installs. For start, you must know it is pointless if somebody downloads your app and he never goes back to it or, even worst, he deletes it afterwards. So, you need to look to both aspects with the same interest. Another useful metric is Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) because you want to acquire users with the highest lifetime value and with the lowest customer acquisition cost. We provided details about The Fundamental Metrics To Measure Your Mobile App Performance in our previous article.

Third Myth: Boost Campaigns are dead.
False! Boost Campaigns can’t be dead since they offer quick results with moderate costs. No other strategy sends your app in top of its category so fast. And if your app is worthy, organic users will start to show up. Then, the success is guaranteed. One more thing, with boost campaigns you have the chance to go viral. To understand this idea better, think about yourself for a moment. You are searching for an app to help you with some tasks. You search on app store and you find many apps that meet your requirements. What app will convince you to install it? The one with 200 downloads or the other with 20k downloads? Yes, the second one, because users bring more users. But, there are two main conditions to fulfill this strategy. We already talked about the value of the app, because no matter how many downloads you have, if your app is worthless then bad reviews will appear and you will lose your money and your users. The second condition is to find respected companies that will help you with your campaign and avoid fraudulent options which will make things worse than before. So, improve your app first and keep your eyes open to well-reviewed agencies.

Fourth Myth: A good app doesn’t need to be promoted, it sells itself.

Nothing more wrong! Wouldn’t be a shame that after you invested so much hard work, time and money into developing and launching your app, now to leave it to fate, just because you did a great job so far? If you don’t know how to do it or you don’t have time to market it then find somebody to help you. But give as much attention to advertising it as you did when you were developing your app, no matter how great it became. If you ignore the problem, it won’t disappear. We already mentioned in each and every of our articles, but it is worth repeating, the fierce competition in app stores and the minimum chances you have that your app to be discovered with more than 5.000.000 apps available on all app markets. The following chart shows the amazing crowded app stores in June, this year. But, there are 6 months from then. So, imagine the situation from current reports.

Final Thoughts
If you take a closer look to the errors listed above you will realize that they all have in common a big consequence: they all make you lose money in one way or another. For those, it is a general solution: avoid them. In the end, we are so glad that we brought a little light into your ideas and now you are about to make some great decisions when it comes to acquire new users. We will continue and we will correct more myths related to other stages in mobile advertising with future articles, because it is nothing worse than starting on the wrong foot and with no clue about your mistake.

How to Get Your First 1000 App Users ( Android - iOS )

Steps To Get Your First 1000 App Downloads

To help you see your dream coming true, follow these 10 effective steps that will send your app to 1000 or more, hearts. Your users are out there, you just need to open your eyes and see them. It is hard, but not impossible. If others did it, you will succeed, as well.

“Be There” Every Time Your Users Need

Let’s start with the most obvious one: Communicate with your users. Understand their problems and answer their questions. Before and after you launch your app, you will face many problems like bugs. Solve them and inform your users. Never ignore to send an email and keep your social media accounts open, maybe somebody have something to tell you. Make them understand that you are open to discussions. This way you will know the right move for your development process and, in the same time, they will receive a valuable app.

Onboard Your Users Well

Next, look at your app. Now take another look carefully. Is it easy to work with? Does your user need a manual to get to a specific task? It is important to test your onboarding flow because this is the image you create in your users’ eyes. A complicated app will make them go away and they will spread the world within seconds. Make the signup process as easier as possible. Maybe they will prefer to use their email address or they will choose one of their social accounts. If you obtain their email addresses, you can use those further for sending useful content. Discover more about the best onboarding pattern in our previous article. Show your professionalism and offer them a clean and simple app.

Don’t Let Your Users Feel Lonely

What is more delightful than sharing moments from an app with your friends? Because people don’t have time anymore to meet everybody they know in real life, using the same app and communicating through it, will give them almost the same satisfaction like they were drinking a coffee with the persons near them. And if you add location – based suggestions maybe they will end up drinking that coffee, eventually. Another way to look at your app is to observe how efficient becomes a user when he knows he has a competitor. Offer him that and move your app forward in its path for getting 1000 users.

Add Competitive Advantage

If we are in the moment of improving the app, take a peek at your competitors. Add a useful feature they don’t have and then brag about that. You can’t pretend to have a viral app if you are not ready to invest a huge amount of effort. Creating an app like the rest of its category gives you no chance to attract few users. Not to mention 1000. It is very hard to make your app unique but, if you remember, we started from the point you have a great idea. Show it to people interested in it and you will be above all other app owners.

Ask for Review In The Most Proper Way

If you completed the steps above so far, now is the moment to ask your users to review your app, because you know the effects of Word Of Mouth. Add a feature to make all the process easier and faster for them. Of course, you can’t show that alert as soon as they open the app and definitely you can’t be aggressive and say: “Give me 5 stars, or else…”. The secret is to find the right timing and to be polite. After your app helped a user or it offered him a wonderful time in a stressful day, you can show a discreet message, like: “We need your help to make the best app, ever! Can you please give us your feedback? Thank you”. If you find the right moment and the adequate language, you will have better results.

Use Mobile Advertising Channels

The moment when you uploaded your fresh, new app on app stores has come. After it is approved, you realize that the downloading flow is not working the way you were dreaming. But, luckily, not everything is lost. You can consider a boost campaign which in a few days it will provide more users than the milestone you fixed for your plan. On the other hand, you can choose non – incentivized ads which are more expensive but with better lifetime value. If your budget gives you the opportunity, you can advertise your app using native ads, which are not intrusive. Their main advantage is to make viewers aware of the benefits of your app.

Join Facebook Groups And Submit Your App

Facebook is your big chance to promote your app. The main benefit is that you have access to your target audience in a free manner, but you need to invest a lot of time in creating a connection with the other members of those groups. You need to do that before you present them your app. Maybe this will give you the opportunity to discover their preferences and in the meantime, you can add new features to your app that they will appreciate. There are different opinions from all kind of people and you have to choose the most relevant for your app. The good news is that a great part of those members can become your users if you select the groups carefully.

Submit Your App to Proper Content Platforms

Again, content is the key. With wise messages, you will win more users. There are platforms like Product Hunt or HackerNews that can help you promote your app. If you reach some users that consider your app appropriate for them, then other adepts will come and you will gather 1000 users in no time. If you add UTM source, your plan will be more efficient. If you don’t know how, there are many guides available that can help you with all the procedure.

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