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Using Eye-Catching Photos and Videos

One of the most important aspects of your app description is your collection of photos, screenshots, and videos.
What do apps like Scream Panda & True or False Quiz Test & Scream Peppa Pig all have in common?
Click the above links to see for yourself. Notice that each has a particularly interesting app store screenshot to lure and entice customers.
Instead of just doing a screen capture of the simulator and calling it a day, the developers added graphics, showed the app running on a device. It has the effect of making you want to download it, right now!
You may be thinking to yourself, “But I don’t want to pay a designer to create fancy screenshots.” or even worse, “I don’t have the graphics skills to make sexy screenshots like that.”
Well, there’s good news. Thanks to a plethora of tools available, creating interesting app-sale-driving screenshots has never been easier or affordable.
Photos related to your app that highlight your most popular and needed features will immediately encourage downloads. Screenshots from your app itself are what users will typically look at after they first find you in search results.
A good combination of these two is crucial to encouraging users to click that download button.
Here are a few ways you can use photos to make users more interested:
  • Show what your app actually looks like for users – not splash screens.
  • Make sure your screenshots contain different aspects of the app in action.
  • Include explanations, captions, and arrows that show users what they can do inside your app.
  • Put extra emphasis on the most popular and needed features of your app.
  • Convince users that your app has a better design than that of your competitors.
If you have the necessary tools, you can even design a video for your app. If you don’t have the tools to make your video, you can hire a professional agency or find mobile specific video editors like the creators at Apptamin.
And if you can, have your app subtitled and translated in several different languages. Reaching out to as many people as possible is key to increasing your download rate, after all.

Screenshot Maker Pro

Screenshot Maker Pro is a free iOS app that lets you place screenshots into pictures of iOS devices. You can save up to two screenshots per day, or you can purchase the unlimited saving option for $2.99.

The main benefit of Screenshot Maker Pro is that it’s user-friendly. In addition, there are several options for devices on which you can choose to show your screenshots. You can choose from iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry and even Mac OSX devices to display your screenshots.

The interface is as simple as choosing the image you want to show on a device and then choosing the options such as type of device, reflection, shadow, etc. Within mere seconds, you can create images like these for Flappy Felipe and Ryan’s Weather App:

Did you notice how showing the apps running on a device at an angle adds a bit of flare and makes them more interesting?

Unfortunately, Screenshot Maker Pro does not allow you to add overlays or text onto your screenshots. You would have to do this in software such as Photoshop or another application.

Also, the screenshots it creates are not sized for any particular app store, so you’ll need another app to size them accordingly. However, it is a useful program to know when you want to create a quick screenshot for a myriad of devices.


Promotee is an OSX app that is very similar to Screenshot Maker Pro.

Its drag-and-drop interface lets you place images into pictures of different devices. Unlike Screenshot Maker Pro, it doesn’t give you options for Windows and Blackberry devices.

To use Promotee, just drag your image into the device you want and click the Save button.

It’s extremely easy to use, but lacks customization options. Similar to Screenshot Maker Pro, it will not export images that are sized to fit any app stores. You’ll need to resize them manually with different software.

If you’re looking for something that is quick and easy to use, Promotee may be the tool for you. If you’re looking to tinker with customization options, then you may want to look elsewhere.


PlaceIt is a website that allows you to drag-and-drop your images onto devices, just like Screenshot Maker Pro and Promotee. However, PlaceIt really shines for other reasons, namely, the sheer number of devices and scenarios available.

The nice thing about PlaceIt is not only does it put your screenshot inside a device, but it also shows the device in different contexts, like on a table or in someone’s hand. You can even create animated images to show the user how to operate the app.

Pricing ranges from free to $100 per photo, or you can subscribe for $12 to $250+ a month. The price you’ll pay depends on how big you want to go.

We will put some Free templates For screenshot and feature-graphic ! Thank you for your time !

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