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1 - Create an Amazing App Icon

I.Create an Amazing App Icon

Your app icon is the first thing someone sees in the app store, so the design you choose is critical to your success. As users scroll through the app store, yours should pop out as eye-catching and recognizable.

Make sure you use a design that serves as a clear representation of your app. It should provide as much of a clue as possible to what users will find after they install it.
With that said, you should keep the app icon as straightforward as possible, and not too flashy. Simplicity is best – you don’t want it cluttered and confusing to the eye.
The Question now is How To Create An Amazing App Icon ??
Developing a mobile app that people can’t resist downloading isn’t as simple as merely giving them something useful.
You’ve also got to write a good app description, name your app appropriately, and – you guessed it – create an amazing app icon that makes them want to click.
The average smartphone has 41 apps that the owner uses regularly. And if you want your app to be one of those essential apps, you need an icon that makes your app look irresistible. Otherwise, you’ll have a tough time enticing people to download your app in the first place, much less actually use it.
In the past, app icons were designed purely with functionality and ease of access in mind, but today we know that a good app icon choice is based almost entirely on aesthetics .
And – make no mistake – good app icon design is critical to your app’s success.
There is some tricks to build an amazing app icone.
  • Pick a bold, unique shape.
Simplicity is key to creating an app icon that’s memorable and recognizable. If you don’t pick a shape that’s unique and bold, your app will end up blending in to the rest, meaning that fewer people will be enticed to download it.
It’s also important to note that you should try to incorporate what your app does into the design of the app icon somehow. For an exemple let's take a look on The Spotify app.

The Spotify app icon is a great example of a bold, unique shape that incorporates the app’s purpose into the design
You can see that they’ve chosen two colors and a simple shape, which makes the icon easy to recognize. On top of that, the black lines inside the green circle represent increasing speaker volume. That’s because Spotify is a music app, so it immediately illustrates the app’s purpose.
  • Avoid using a photo.
This applies even if you think the photo includes a bold, unique shape. If you have a photo you really like that’s simple, bold, and represents your brand, create a vector image version of it. Or use some of the elements from the photo to inspire your vector image design

  • Don’t overload the icon with color and detail.
When designing your app, you have to keep in mind that the app will appear tiny on the user’s screen. That means that including too many colors or too much detail could hinder your app from standing out.
So limit yourself to two or three colors if possible, and resist the urge overload the design with detail. The simpler your app icon design is, the more it’ll stand out from the rest.

The Snapchat app icon is a great example of an app icon with a simple color palette and design.
You can see that the two main colors are white and yellow, and the designer used a black border around the white ghost to make it stand out even more. And there’s not a lot going on in the design – it’s just a ghost on a plain background. That’s about as simple as it gets!
  • Don’t include words.
Think about it. Your app icon is going to look tiny on a smartphone screen, meaning that users will pretty much need a microscope to read any text you place on the personally it's a mistake everyone start with it, That’s why it’s best to leave text out of your icon design. If you create an effective app icon and name your app something appropriate, that will be enough to draw people in. Then, they’ll be able look at the app description to learn about what it is and what it does.
  • Look at your competitors’ app icon designs.
When you do this, you’ll be able to figure out which color scheme and design aspects could help you differentiate the most.
For example, let’s say you’re creating an app for users who want to check and organize their emails. Your best bet is to look up other email apps to find out what kind of design your competitors use.
  • Look at your icon on a phone screen before you make a final decision.
When designing your app icon, you’ll need to consider how it will look against the colors of mobile device wallpapers. Keep in mind that most users have a unique wallpaper, so you want to make sure your app looks good against a range of dark and light backgrounds.
Some users even choose hectic live wallpapers with a range of colors and objects that can make apps hard to find on the screen. So it’s your job to make sure your app will always show up clearly.
And think about how the app looks in general on a phone screen too. If it’s too detailed to be recognizable or doesn’t look clean from a design perspective, you’ll need to make some changes.
  • Make sure your app icon is the right size.
When you create your app icon, it needs to be the appropriate size for the screen it’s going to be viewed on. And this isn’t an optional step – Apple won’t even accept your app icon if it isn’t the right size.
The last thing you want after spending so much time designing an appropriate app icon is for it to be rejected by the app store. So, if you’re going to release your app in the Apple app store, read their sizing guidelines here and make sure you follow them carefully. Wherever you plan to release your app, look for their required app icon guidelines so you can follow them and make sure your app is accepted.
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