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Find yourself

The only real way to love is to love in the moment. Love in the second you feel that beautiful kiss. Love in the quiet moments on the sofa and stay in the quiet moment, just for a little while forgetting all the troubles in the world. Love in the silence of bedrooms and the quiet of films you watch together. Love in the silent walks which you go on together, or in the second of the text message you get from them. Stop focussing on where this is going every once in a while. Focus on loving in the present, in the second, in the moment.

This is how true love happens. This is how lasting love happens. It is not the movie theatre type of romance, it is not grand gestures, and dying confessions. Love, real love, is in the quiet of a thunderstorm feeling safe. It is in the silence of a hospital room when you realise the person you love is going to be okay. It is in the feeling after returning home to the smell of warm food on the stove and warmer arms around you. That is where love lies. In the little moments which people often look past.

Find yourself here, find yourself loving in the moment, than loving for eternity, and I promise you, love will not fail you.

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Trust The Process

You’re allowed to feel off and take as many breaks as you need to. Your biggest responsibility is taking care of yourself.⠀You’re allowed to not have your life figured out. You’re allowed to be ‘behind’ because where you are is fine. Where you are is where you need to be right now.⠀ Work doesn’t define you. Grades don’t define you. Medication doesn’t define you. Anxiety doesn’t define you. The past doesn’t define you. Relationships don’t define you. Words don’t define you. Looks don’t define you. ⠀

How you love defines you. How you use your gifts to help others defines you. Your gifts are part of your purpose. Even if you say you don’t know what your purpose is, you have purpose. Start with your heart. Start with how you love naturally. Start with how you’re able to help others. You know more about yourself than you think you know.

This planet needs love more than anything. Love looks like being kind. Love looks like trusting. Love looks like helping people where you can. Love looks like patience. Love looks like getting up in the morning and doing the best you can. Love looks like you.

Everything is coming together. I know from deep experience that even when nothing makes sense you must keep going. You must stay open. You must experience pain. You must try not to be hard on yourself. You must keep going because your purpose here is so important. ⠀
Trust your process.

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